NOTICE!! Wives, Stop Fighting Your Men. Use Your Feminine Wiles To Get What You Want!

Couple fighting
Indeed it is the age of equality. We hear it everyday on this family section how a woman should stand up to her husband and refuse to be oppressed (even if there was no oppression intended in the first place). Such talks make it look like marriage is a battlefield and there is no peace between the sexes. Some people even begin to wonder why they should get married at all when marriage apparently looks so miserable.
Well, I am here to say that marriage is only miserable to you as a woman if you want it to be! Men are natural born fighters , you can’t start fighting your man as well in his own house. No man worth his salt will take it. Men were built to dominate. If you start wanting to dominate him in his own house that he paid rent for or built, insisting that he washes the plates or washes the clothes or sweeps the house or take care of the kids while u sleep all in the name of equality, you will make him set up a wall against you. He may outrightly defy you or he may sulk and do what you have ordered but be sure he is bitter about it and wondering when you became the man of the house. Soon enough if he cannot be a man indoors, he will start to look for how he can be one outside.
Having said that, a woman is a human being as well and not a workhorse or slave. She needs help as well and men have an excessive amount of muscle to spare to help around the house , especially if you cannot afford a maid. So how do you as a woman seek help from your husband without sounding like a nagging frustrated loveless feminist?
Simple. Use the gift that God gave you. Use the things that attracted your man to marry you in the first place. Use your womanliness, your feminine charms and grace! Use sweet words garnished with love and not commanding and off-putting tone that bristles with scorn. Esther was able to play with the crown of the most dangerous man in Babylon, not because she felt entitled, neither because she felt the man was equal to her. No! Her feminine charms made him as meek as a lamb in her hands.
Use your charm to handle your man and not your sharp tongue. Use your sweetness, quick wit,love and unsolicited kisses to get what you want from your king instead of declaring your rights like a country looking for every opportunity to secede. I assure you, you will get a lot more done by being a lady instead of a nag.



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