How To Make Money Online in Nigeria 2017.

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria 2017 With 27 Tested Ways That Work.


You can Discover legitimate ways to make money online,most time people ask me questions,and there question is,how do I make legit money online in Nigeria?
Most of them ask this questions basically because they have tried and yet has not succeeded,the so called money making blogs and how to make money online E books doesn't seem to be working.

The truth of the matter is that you do not need a money making manuel or an E book to learn how to make money online in Nigeria, all you need is to follow the steps listed in this article and you will begin to see the money trickle in.

There are so many legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria infact I will reveal to you the latest online money making opportunities and other different online businesses here in Nigeria.

A lot of website generate a lot of revenue monthly,some powerful websites generate an estimate of about $2500 - $6000 dollars per month,and the catch here is that some of these websites were created by internet savvy youngsters that has developed the skill to harness the opportunities the internet and online community have to offer,as a matter of fact,I happen to know a 19 year old boy,still in this Second year in the University making over $2000 monthly simply by working for a few hours online,so what are you waiting for now?

Some marketers or some online publishers promise to show you how to make money online,only for you to spend your hard earned money without nothing to show for it.

All the E Books,tutorials, softwares etc seem not to be working,actually I also fell for the same trick when I started blogging out of passion,but the truth of the matter is that you will start generating money online if you follow the summerized  instructions am going to give plus hardwork and extensive personal research by you.

Just be ready to implement all the methods that am going to list below.

There are actually so many ways to make legit money online in Nigeria, the bad part of it is that most young people engage in fraudulent activities online hereby damaging the reputation of Nigeria,whereas there are legitimate ways to make money online,you shouldn't join the bad wagon,matter of fact it shouldn't even be an option.

There are over 200 ways you can make money in Nigeria and I have experimented most of them,but the ones am going to show you is a proven method that generates money fast as long as you can be persistent and hard working.

This methods are currently working and there is no need to buy an E book or a manual on how to make money online 2017,unless you want to satisfy your curiosity by spending money which I honestly did in the beginning, but this article contains selected methods that are still efficient in making online money in Nigeria 2017.

First of all,only a crazy man goes to battle without having a definite plan,also its applicable in this scenario,you have to learn, research and ask questions, also you have to analyze the Nigerian Online community and how it works,it's cons and pro's Etc If you don't do that,then you will be frustrated even before you start,anyway lets take a look at the Nigeria online community and how it works in 2017.

How To Harness The Nigerian Online Community And Make Money Online in 2017

Haven't you noticed how it seems that everyone is now online,every average Nigerian is now online,also the availability of cheap Android mobile phones and low subscription rate offered by some of Nigeria's Network companies has made it possible for almost every young person to be able to access the internet. 

According to statistics Nigeria is currently one of the largest users of the internet globally,statistically placed as being the eight largest users of the internet globally, this actually should send a signal to you that there is a lot of opportunities online and that you can also make money online.

Nigeria has an estimated population census of over 200 million,and almost half of this population are young and internet savvy and they use powerful search engines like Google to make inquiries.

 E Commerce very soon is going to be the new oil in Nigeria,you have to harness this potential and start making money online immediately.

Take a look at the majority of young billionaires in the world and you will notice that the source of their wealth is basically technology and internet example is Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook, Founders of Snapchat etc

This young people have become billionaires because of the internet and technology.
In summary,you can actually develop any thing on the internet, all you  need is to have passion for it and be focused and determined.

Now its time to answer some of the questions some of you has been asking.

Lets go... 

Q1.In a nutshell,how do I make legit money online in Nigeria 2017?

 A: You can make money online through monetization of your blog,or developing a software or perhaps create an online service that people people can pay for,I will explain better in this article.

 Q2. What are the major means of making legit money online in Nigeria? 

 A: You can make money through the following basic means 

  • 1. Google AdSense 
  • 2. Product Sales 
  • 3. Advertising  
  • 4. Affiliate Marketing 
  • 5. Freelance Services  

Q3. Explain Briefly The Major Ways Of Making Money Online In Nigeria 2017? 

1. Google AdSense

Hands down,the best and most consistent way of earning online in Nigeria. 

Google AdSense is a program developed and run by Google. It allows publishers authorized by Google to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are specifically targeted to site content and audience. These adverts are sorted,displayed and maintained by Google. You can generate money either by a per click or per impression basis. Publishers in Nigeria has been earning thousands of dollars monthly through the Google AdSense program. Google adsense was created by google 13 years ago,its the major way to earn money online,to learn more about google adsense, CLICK HERE

2. Product Sales

That is another means of earning money online in Nigeria.
Most publishers sell products like E books,or audio tapes in Nigeria,or even documents in PDF files.

3. Advertising

You can also earn money by advertising a particular brand or product on your website,all you need to do is reach an agreement with the advertiser who wants to advertise their brand on your website or any platform.

That's another means of earning money online.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Another popular way of making money online in Nigeria is through affiliate marketing.

You become partners with companies that sell their products online and they pay you commission on any sales you make on their behalf.

Example of online affiliate marketing programs popular and common in Nigeria include Konga Affiliate Program,Jumia Affiliate program, Apple iTunes Affiliate Program,Ali Express Affiliate program,Amazon Affiliate Program  Etc

Q4: What are the advantages of starting an online business in Nigeria 2017?

A: Am going to briefly explain the advantages of starting an online business in Nigeria.

a.Cost Effective

This is practically the cheapest form of business if you have no capital and you want to start from scratch.

Take for example,someone that wants to open a provision shop would need a substantial amount of capital to rent a shop,to decorate the shop and also stock up the shop with items for sale,to do this, you definitely money,but when it comes to online business,you don't need such,all you need is to first of all create a free blog on Blogger.

b. Always Up and Running

Take for example,you have a free blog on blogger,and you already know that 24hrs secure hosting and uptime is always available for Blogger blogs with zero downtime,what that means is that you will be making money even when your sleeping.

Visitors will still visit your blog from any part of the world.

c. Work From Anywhere

Actually most bloggers and online business people can work from anywhere,preferable from the comfort of their homes.
All you need is a steady internet connection and your ready to go.

d. Be Your Own Boss

Truth be told,not everyone likes to be ordered around in an office environment, and we all know that some bosses can be rude at times.

Most often these regular commercial jobs pay a little and you have to work tirelessly from 9 - 5 everyday and sometimes you will get shouted at by your boss.

Well why don't you end that and be your own boss,call the shots and make your own money.

e. Unprecedented Exposure

Imagine having access to thousands of unique visitors from around the world visiting your website and trying to learn from what you have to offer.

Apart from being a way to make money,it is also a way to show case your talent to the world.

Q5. What type of online business can I do to make money online in Ngeria?

A: Like I said in the beginning there are actually over 150 ways to make money online in Nigeria 2017,but am going to list the methods that generate quick money within a period of time.

a. Selling Your Goods

Take for example,someone that designs handbags and shoes that are of good quality,all he or she needs to do is to create a website and put all the items you have made in that website with the prices.

Interested potential customers will contact you if they are interested in buying what you are Selling.
And of cause, after they have made payment,you will ship their items or goods to them.

b. E books,Softwares Etc

This is one of the most common ways of generating money online.
You can sell your E books and softwares online easily, all you need to do is to provide the download link after receiving payment.

Once a buyer makes payment into your account and you receive the alert,then you should send the Ebook or Software download link preferably via email address.

The customer will click on the link and download the E book or software easily.

 c. Online Service delivery

You can deliver services online, if you have skills like website design,programming, logo design etc then you need to make quick cash out out it.

There are so many lazy people online who are willing to pay you for your online service delivery, just because they cannot do it themselves.

For example some of top magazines pay for article writing, so if your good prolific writer you can sign up and start making money.

There is a popular website known internationally as Fiverr,you can register and sign up to offer your services from $5.
Some people now claim that competition is now high on Fiverr,why don't you also check out some of Nigeria freelance websites like Asuqu,jo lancer, just from 5k,source gig etc.

D. Sell And Earn Cash

Funny enough I see a lot of Nigerian young youth with a lot of social media followers and they are not making use of their popularity online to make money.

Even if your not a technology geek,or you do not have a website,you can still earn money from affiliate programs.

For example if you want to be an affiliate partner of,you will have to apply to be accepted.

After some days,if accepted you would be able to have access to your own unique affiliate code.
You earn money anytime someone orders and pays for an item through your unique link.

So that means that you don't even need to have a blog to become an affiliate marketer,you can just post your unique link on facebook,twitter etc and different social media, whenever your friend or someone purchases an item through your link,you earn money,its a simple way to make money right?

E. Advertising

Some popular blogs here in Nigeria like Linda Ikeji's Blog charge money from its fans and readers who wants to advertise on her blog.

Apart from earning money from Google AdSense she also earns money from individuals that want to advertise on her blog.

The only bad side of this form of revenue generation is that you need to have a very successful blog in other to achieve such feat,and for someone just starting off in online business, that wont be attainable early.

Q6. How Much Money Do I need to start an Online Business And Make Money?

A: Honestly I think its better to use Blogger blog,its cheaper and its cost effective.

With a Blogger blog you dont need to worry about Web Hosting because its already hosted by google and as for the domain name, you can still be using the extension until you are ready to purchase a domain name which costs less than $10, or N2000.

However  if you decide to use WordPress you have to find a domain name and also a host,and generally you will have to spend more money.

Most people start off with ethusiasm but along the way they will lose interest,so your better off with a blogger blog.

a. Website Design

Now you will need to design and create a blog that has been optimized,and easy to access.

You can learn how to design a blog online by watching YouTube videos and reading tutorials.

If you are using a WordPress blog then it should be relatively easier for you.

To learn how to design a blog,for those that want to use Blogger,It might be a little bit tricky at first.

Q7: What are the different ways to make legit money in Nigeria?

A: There are over one hundred and fifty different ways to make money online in Nigeria,but I will only list and explain around 20 or 22 tested and verified methods.

22 Ways on How to make Legit Money Online in Nigeria

No time for too much talk lets get started,listed below is the full list of online money making opportunities in Nigeria 2017.

Where as some might seem to be too easy,while some might seem to be too hard,always remember that its possible, moreover there is no harm in trial.

Online money making opportunities in Nigeria 2017

1. Create an Interactive Media Forum

Have you ever tried to search for an item on google and end up being directed to a forum,filled with people with knowledge about what you are asking for.

And before you can comment or become part of the forum you will have to sign up first or register.

That is called a social media forum.

You can actually create something like that and make money out of it,just make sure you forum give answers to real life situations and at the same time,its very interesting.

The advantage of creating a forum is that you dont have to put too much work and energy,the users on the site will ask questions,comment and keep the forum busy.

An example of a popular forum is Nairaland.

All you need to do is to buy and install the script, like I said earlier choose an interesting niche ,then monitize it by using Google adsense or Affiliate marketing

2. Create a Social Network

That sounds like a herculean task,but the truth is that it is actually possible to create a social media network and make it' go viral.

Imagine being able to successfully create a social media platform like Facebook or twitter and it becomes popular,well that means that you will become a billionaire over night.

From facebook to twitter etc all the founders are billionaires and they made their money online,this is to show you the power of the internet.

In Nigeria popular blogger, Linda Ikeji launched the LIS linda Ikeji social with the aim of competing with facebook and making more money online.

3. Create a mobile friendly App

Another method of earning a lot of money online is to develop a mobile app that can be downloaded on android phones.

All you have to do is to create the mobile application that is compatible with most android phones or you create a native app for a very popular app.

For example Instagram doesn't function on blackberry phones and its not available on blackberry app word,however an online tech expert found a means to develop a native app for Instagram that works on blackberry.

He is advertising using Google adsense on it and makes thousands of cash monthly.

4. Create A Search Engine

Search engines help us to find answers to our queries, how about creating one?

You can create a search engine and then advertise on it,however you need to have a directory of what the searcher wants to search about.

The best search engine in the world is Google,you can also create a search engine that is specifically for cars in Nigeria or whatever your passionate about.

You however have to have traffic and users in other to make money from advertising on it.

Some example of search engines are Google,Yahoo, Etc

5. Develop A Video Streaming Website

The awful truth is that online videos now, generate more views and money online.

People now prefare videos to written content, you can create a blog,then upload original funny videos and start making money from it immediately.

6. Create A YouTube Channel

Currently the second largest search engine in the world and its generating millions of dollars monthly.

Do you know how many Nigerians go online to watch videos on YouTube daily?

They log on to YouTube to view new videos, Nollywood movies etc.

Here is another sure way of making money online in Nigeria,go ahead and create a YouTube Account,then upload original, and quality videos on it.

Make video of anything you are passionate about for example you can make short comedy videos,makeup vidoes etc and upload it to your YouTube account.

With time the subscribers to your channel will increase, by then you will apply to Google AdSense and start showing ads on your channel.

For Example Emmanuella and Mark Angel's comedy videos on YouTube generate over N2 million naira monthly.

7. Create A Job Website

There is a high rate of unemployment in Nigeria,and people in Nigeria are relentless in their search for already made jobs,why don't you utilize this and make money out of it.

Statistically over 35 Million young graduate Nigerians are jobless and everyday they come online in search of jobs from different websites.

You can create a free job blog from and start posting about jobs daily.

You can even take it a step further by giving professional advice on how to write a CV,how to prepare for an interview and even compiling and selling job interview questions.

An example of Top Jobs website in Nigeria include, Etc

8. Create an online store

Most of us has ordered items from online store in Nigeria.
For example Jumia, Konga stores in Nigeria make millions daily from orders they receive from their customers.

People are looking for ways to make their lives less stressful and you have to think and utilize that fact.

Its easy,you can create an Online store and sell your product,and ask your customer to pay on delivery,so you may ask....

What if I don't have any product to sell on any website?

Then you can apply to become an affiliate marketer for an already popular online store like Konga,Jumia,Yudala etc

You earn money whenever someone shops from your referral link in your website.

Still don't have an idea of what to sell online?

AliExpress is the largest online store in the world and it is operated from china,it has surpassed revenue generation of America's Amazon and Ebay combined.

You can buy literally anything from AliExpress, all you need is a valid Naira MasterCard and your good to go.

Read: How To Make Money Online From

Go online,make orders,buy as a wholesaler, when your goods are delivered, you can sell it on your website online and make money.

Also don't forget eBooks, softwares and apps sales can also generate money online for you.

9. Create An Entertainment Blog

Actually this my blog is an entertainment blog,but I have a section where I write about how to do stuffs online.

Well truth be told,not everyone will be a musician or an actress/ actor,some people can still channel their passion into writing.

If you like entertainment In Nigeria,ie movies,Nollywood,music etc then you should go ahead and create a rocking entertainment website.

Most people access the internet to read the latest gossip about their Hollywood and Nollywood celebrities,they want to know who is the best,they want to know what they are up to,their net worth etc, you can start a free blog on Blogger and start blogging immediately.

Remember Linda Ikeji? The billionaire entertainment blogger? stop wasting time and start blogging immediately.

CLICK HERE to create a free Blogger Blog.

10. Create An Information Resource Website 

What is the main reason we use google? Its to source for information.

Millions of people search for information online daily, they usually start there search with this words “how to” “what is”, “where to”, “how much”, where can I? Etc.

You can create a blog like that to teach people and create information about people's everyday life and make money out of it.

Websites on 'how to do' stuffs like drive a lot of traffic and make a lot of money online.

11. Create A News Blog

Its no longer news that news websites create a lot of buzz and generally attract traffic.

But have in mind that your up against stiff competition from well established news companies like,Vanguard, Thisday, The Nation, Sunnewsonline,, Sajarareporters Etc

But that shouldn't discourage you from going after your passion,you should however have a definite plan on how to compete against these news powerhouses.

12. Create a soccer prediction Blog

Almost every young Nigerian man like football and millions of football fans go online to read football news.

Do you know that you can make millions of naira online by creating a popular football analysis website that predicts football scores and gives top notch news about players and latest transfer news.

You can even create a live score website like that will be giving up to date scores of different sports.
Make sure you endeavor to monetize your blog with Google AdSense.

13.Start a directory website

Like I said,you can setup a website as long as you have direction and focus.

Its quite simple,you can list different business in your town,their addresses and locations and put on your website.

You can also list important websites directories and make money out of it.

Examples of websites listing directories include Vconnect, Etc

14. Create A Music Lyrics Website

This is one area that is often overlooked but the truth of the matter is that it is a very lucrative niche that many webmasters have over looked.

There are millions of music fans all over the world,and they go online to search for the lyrics of their favorite songs.

So why don't you create a music blog filled with lyrics and see your online income rise.

15. Create A Technology Blog

This is the 21st century and everything is now technology based.

You can write on recent technology trends, news,updates as well as technology tips and tricks.

16. Create A Phone/Gadget Blog

Do you know you can also create a Phone and Gadget blog where you can write about all the new phones and their specifications?

Also keep your readers up to date with information about the latest Phones,its release dates,possible upgrade, possible release date of new phones Etc

Check out to have a sneek peek.

17. Create a software download Blog

You can also create a free software download blog where people can come to download freeware applications and also upgrade their mobile phone OS.

People right now are crazy about mobile phones and are always online to check where they can download the latest software update for their mobile devices, another easy way to make money online in Nigeria 2017.

18. Create A Video Game Download Hub
I love video games,and I guess you do,have you thought about developing a website that offer free video game downloads.

Millions of young people visit the internet daily in search of where to download mobile games for their console or for their mobile.

Go and get a selection of freeware mobile games if you cannot develop one,create a website that will eventually attract and pull a lot of traffic and make money out of it.

19. Design A Movie Analysis Blog

You can design a movie analysis blog that talks about the latest movies,movie release dates,best movies Etc

Millions of people search the web for information about their favorite Tv shows,soon to be released movies,latest movies,news on Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood, Ghollywood Etc

It is one of the untapped niches out there and you can make a lot of money from it.

20. Create A Music Blog

The first set of people that discovered this niche are already millionaires.

Do you know that Nigerians are music crazy?

The Entertainment industry is expanding rapidly.
Every day hundreds of songs are released in Nigeria and thousands globally,and this artist's depend on the internet to be able to reach out to potential fans.

Do you know how much you can earn just by creating a music blog?

You can earn a lot of money from creating a music blog,why don't you give it a try today.

21. Create A Food Blog

You can create a food blog and publish daily articles on how to prepare popular Nigeria dishes.

According to my research a lot of people from overseas visit these blogs constantly and are looking for ways to try out Nigerian recipes.

Actually all you need is knowledge of how to cook your native Nigerian food.

So why don't you start a food blog today,what are you waiting for? ..

22. Start A Real Estate Property Website

Real estate is a very rich source of income both in the real world and online.

We are experiencing the emergence of new cities,estates,communities etc

In your real estate website you can list properties that are for sale, lease or rent.

23. Start An Online Booking Website

A booking website is where you can book for tickets or make reservations.

Your potential customers can book for hotels reservation, holiday booking, flight tickets, cinemas, car rent Etc

24. Earn Legit Money Online As A Freelance Worker

Like I mentioned before,if you have any form of online skill,you can polish it up and make money from it.

You can write original articles or probably design for someone online,there are so many things you can do for other people online and make money.
They usually pay through Payoneer.

An example of this website is and
You can also even start your own freelance website,but just remember that you have to be good in what you do because of stiff competition from others offering the same service as you are.

25. Packaged Information

You can make s research and get valuable details that are not available,then you can go online and sell the information by putting it in an E book.

This can also be called information marketing.

26. Website Design

You can make a lot of money online in Nigeria by designing a functional website and putting it for sale.

I know someone that designs over 50 websites in a week for clients and makes N10,000 for each website setup.

27. Create A Bulk SMS Website

Like the name implies, its a website where you can send a bulk sms.

Your potential clients will signup, make payment online and send bulk sms to as many numbers of recipients as possible.

Q8: What do I need to start up an online business in Nigeria,what are the Tools?

A: Biasically I recommend that you start small,and see if your really passionate about online business because most articles you will find online will show you doctored and photoshopped snapshots of their adsense monthly earnings and you will think its that easy.

The truth is that you have to work hard for a long time before you start to see the money begin to trickle in,you wouldn't want a scenario where you would have spent money on WordPress themes and hosting plus domain name,and end up frustrated without seeing the fast money you expected,most people become discouraged and end up spending their money,instead of their initial plan of making money online.

Listed below is a list of what you need to start up an online business and make money online in Nigeria 2017.

1. Create A Free Blogger Blog

You are still a greenhorn,so I suggest you thread carefully, CLICK HERE to go to blogger website to create a new blogger blog.
Make sure the name of the blog you want to create corresponds or relates to  the main niche you want to blog about.
For example if you want to create a Technology based blog in Nigeria, you can then name it Hottest Naija Tech Blog.

2.Internet Access

You will need a fast access to the internet.
You can buy a modem with a Laptop, you can also use your mobile phone to search for information online before writing an article.

3.Website Design

Starting up at first,you don't really need a sophisticated website to start up at first,infact too much design and plugins might end up making your website slow.
Just log into your blogger blog and select one of the themes available and apply it on your new blogger blog.

4.Bank Account

.You definitely need a bank account for online business.
Just make sure you have a functional one.

5. Payoneer Accounts

Most affiliate and freelance websites in the United States wont pay directly into your Nigerian Bank Account,so you need to open a Payoneer account in other to receive affiliate payments and freelance payments.

6. Focus

So many times I have heard people say they want to create as many blogs as possible and earn simultaneously from them,do not join that wagon.

Focus one one blog and grow it judiciously,when you have written a lot of quality article,apply for google adsense and monetize your blog, keep on putting in work until you start seeing positive results.

And Lastly Patience, Persistence And Practice, naturally you will get better at what you always put in work to,so be consistent, be patient and practice alot.



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