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Top 5 Reasons Online Dating Is A Bad Idea

The results from Google search engine when searched for ‘online dating’ will wow you, everyday new dating site emerges.
Some notable percentage of people prefer going to the internet to offline ways in quest for having the love of their lives.
Yes, technology brings a nice idea, and one of them is online dating.
However, nothing good comes easy, the disadvantages of online dating seem to be more than its advantages and it takes only the experienced ones to understand this.
The few of the many reasons why people should stop practicing online dating goes thus:
1. Cost
The best of these dating sites are not free, sometimes you register with your credit card and certain amount of money would be deducted. Love don’t cost a thing they say, Its absolutely wrong in finding true love online, It cost you money at registration point if not monthly.
The worst thing is you might even fail to meet a serious lover throughout your stay in the site and I have not seen any online forum that can refund your money.
2. Scammers
For every online dating site, there must be at least 20% of member who are not real, They provide false information and display them to you.
The reason isn’t farfetched, they see the platform as a chance to swindle people who at some point in time searching online for what could be found offline.
You have the 50% chance of meeting this kind of people when you stay on online dating sites.
3. Distance
At some point in time, you can successfully meet someone you love. The features you need in a partner, but the distance between you and the person is the only barrier that can make it real.
Chances are he or she is living in another location and the fares to meet them may not come cheap which result in you losing the one you love after so many moments of combing online dating sites.
4. Impersonal
Do you agree that meeting someone in real life is not the same as meeting them online? Only features you know about them are the ones they put up in the site or tell you, you are already obsessed with their features and if lucky you meet each other, you find out what you couldn’t get online, like the body language, conversational style, s*x moves which you might find incompatible and end up giving up because the person you are seeing is totally different online.
5. Lack Of Response
What about coming across the exact type of search you need? sending the person numerous messages without acknowledging them, You wouldn’t know if that person is being inundated with numerous messages from other suitors or probably not really interested in you.
The person might even go offline indefinitely as they have already come across the person they love and not having any reason to come on the site again.
This discourages many people not to look for online dating.
Get out of your comfort zone, go out, move your ass, save time and pick up some amazing girls/guys in a part of the time, which you would lose in the online world and on social media for nothing.


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