Angry Wizkid Allegedly Smashed A Microphone To Pieces At The Ghana Music Awards Soundcheck


The 17th edition of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards prior held last Saturday May 7 2016 at the Accra International Conference Centre in Ghana.
Just like most award shows, organizers of the awards show put up an itinerary for the performing artists to have their last sound check but the unforeseen happened as the eventual winner of the Best African Artist, Wizkid, smashed and broke a microphone minutes after starting his sound check.
According to Nydjlive, Wizkid, who got to the venue on time for sound check was delayed for almost two hours due to reasons yet to be explained by the organizers. Keeping his cool and maintaining his composure, he +waited patiently till he could mount the stage for his sound check.
However, he was angered minutes into his performance as the director for the sound check through Wizkid’s representatives asked him to end his sound check since the time for the main event was drawing closer.
This is said to have angered him so much that he allegedly smashed the microphone he had in his hand on the floor, breaking it into pieces. As though that was not enough, he expressed his frustration throwing some unprintable words at the director.
He also asked if it was his fault that sound check did not start as scheduled.
He was later calmed and taken away.


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