Nutritious Food Fair 2016

The 2016 Nutritious Food Fair is a three-day event that will bring together stakeholders in International & National Research institutions, Agriculture, Health, Education, Science & Technology and Trade & Commerce, including Government Representatives, Development & Donor Agencies, Small, Medium and Large Scale Food Industries, Input Dealers, Seed Companies, Researchers, Farmers, Processors, Consumers, Entertainment and the Media, among others. An estimated 5,000 persons will participate in the event.

Attractions at the fair include exhibition of nutrient-rich crop varieties and their food derivatives; commercially processed nutritious foods; local technologies for cassava and maize processing; cooking, quiz and dance competitions; awards to best farmers, processors, marketers and advocates; raffle draws and screening of award-winning movie - ‘Yellow Cassava’ with appearances of some Nollywood celebrities and live performances by top musicians and comedians, etc.


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